Natural Cricket Repellents and How to Get Rid of Them Naturally

How to get rid of crickets naturally? Follow these easy remedies.You’ve heard of that chirping sound many times before, so you know it when crickets have invaded your home. It’s even worse if there are more males because they can make the loudest sounds. No one likes to see any bugs in their home–especially crickets–given their destructive nature. With that said, you’re probably looking for how to get rid of crickets naturally in the shortest time possible. Luckily, there are many natural cricket repellents and remedies for removing them from your home.

Keeping Them Away

You have to keep them away from the house first. Use these natural repellents to tell them to STAY OUT.

Trim Excessive Foliage

On the outside environment, crickets find comfort among the foliage. Be sure to trim or cut off long grass and densely grown bushes around your house.

Clean Daily

A dirty home is a sure habitation for crickets. Many things are bound to be found in a messy environment including food remnants and other insects preys. Crickets will come into your house to scavenge for food and will consume other insects as well. Keep a clean house to keep crickets away.

Keep Garbage Dumps Away From the House

Garbage dumps contain debris and trash that crickets scavenge through in search of food. Keeping garbage dumps at a safe distance from the home reduce the chances of those scavengers finding a way into your home.

Use Dimmer Lights

Despite being classified as nocturnal insects, crickets love and get attracted to very bright lights coming out of the home. Repel them by using less bright or dim lighting in your house or just turn them off.

Keep Things Dry

One of the reasons why crickets come into your home is to seek shelter. A damp house provides just the perfect climate for a crickets’s home.

Chili Spray

Homeowners use hot pepper to repel crickets. The chili pepper spray is prepared into a liquid by blending two cups of water with a ½ cup of fresh hot chilies until it turns into a liquid mixture. The chili spray is then sprayed on gardens, plants and in front of windows and doors.

Nitrogen Fixing Plants

Nitrogen fixing plants is also known to repel crickets and help in getting rid of them. Plants that fix nitrogen into the soil such as clover and sweet potatoes are good cricket irritants; thus they serve to repel them.

Garlic Barrier

A garlic barrier is an insect repellant liquid that is all-natural. Garlic Research Labs Inc, a company based in California, United States, manufactures this natural pesticide. The manufacturers have confirmed its safety and effectiveness, and it works well to repel crickets in the home. Furthermore, it is safe to use in the presence of pets and children.

Of course, you can always make your own as well. Just crush a bunch of garlic cloves into a spray bottle filled with either water or alcohol. Let is soak for a few days and then just spray in areas where you’d like the crickets to keep away.

Getting Rid of Crickets Naturally

Once you’ve taken the necessary measures to keep as many of them away as possible, you can move on to getting rid of any that’s already too close, or are already inside the house.

Newspaper Trap

Prepare cricket bait using equal amounts of sugar and breadcrumbs. This trap is mostly used in the outside environment as using it in the house could serve to attract more insects. Wait until evening and sprinkle the mixture on the ground where the crickets usually congregate. Cover the mixture with a single layer of newspaper and wait until morning before the dew gets dry. At this time, crickets will have fed on the bait mixture and will be full on their bellies to hop away. Using a special container, nudge the crickets into the container and seal tightly. You could even use them as nutritious foods for pets. Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner.


Take a large bowl and partially fill it with molasses. Fill the remaining portion of the container with water. Crickets love the smell of molasses and will jump in once they smell the molasses. They jump in, and they drown.

Beer Bottle

Beer bottles can be used as a natural cricket repellent because it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.The bait here is beer. If you love beer or have someone who loves beer, you can use the beer bottle to trap crickets. After enjoying most of the beer, leave some in the bottle and lay it on one side near areas you know have a lot of crickets. The crickets will find their way into the bottle but will have difficulty coming out.

Natural Predators

Several natural predators in or near your home could be used to fight crickets. This includes lizards, birds, and spiders. They can be of great help in reducing the population of crickets in your home. You may want to encourage their population by growing more vegetation to attract them to your house.

Soap Water

Soap water works by irritating the skin of these unwanted pests. It penetrates into their skin, causing discomfort and results in repelling them.

Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of cricket eggs your house. A high-powered vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter should have the ability to pull off eggs from hard to access areas such as heavy furniture and baseboards where crickets may have laid their eggs.

Crickets can be a nuisance in the home if not controlled. Their chirping sound makes them irritating little creatures. However, not all is lost by the fact that there are simple, natural ways of getting rid of crickets. Some factors count in attracting crickets in your home. Some of these factors include very bright lights in the home, excessive foliage, damp and unclean areas in the house and garbage dumps. You should work to prevent crickets in your home by avoiding those mentioned above.

Crickets can be repelled naturally through various available methods that are effective in getting rid of them. Natural cricket repellents include the use of traps such as molasses, newspapers, and beer bottles among others. The traps contain baits that attract crickets to them. Once the crickets get trapped, they will have difficulty getting out. You could also make use of natural predators to get rid of crickets in your home. Encourage predators’ habitation in your home by providing them with a favorable environment such as water sources, trees and bushes that will encourage their occupancy. Other natural cricket repellants that you can make use of include soapy water, vacuum cleaner, garlic barriers and Nitrogen-fixing plants.