How to Naturally Kill Ants with Borax

Find out how to kill ants with boax, an indgredient that is suprising effective a getting rid of them, but little known.

Ants can be irritating, little creatures in your home if not taken care of early. From cracks, holes, and crevices, ants can find their way into the bedroom, store, kitchen and your living room. Borax is a salt resulting from boric acid. It’s an ingredient in detergents such as the ones used in laundry and cosmetics. Read on to learn more about more about his natural pesticide and how to kill ants with borax.

Borax Ant Killer Recipe

Borax in itself cannot be effective as bait in killing ants. However, it can be mixed with other ingredients to form a solution that will be effective in getting rids of the ants. An effective borax solution requires some elements such as sugar and warm water. Amount of recipe to be used depends on the population of ants you will want to kill, however, at the very least use:

  • 1 ½ tablespoons borax
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 1 ½ cups warm water
  • A glass jar or container
  • Mixing spoon or stick

Using a bowl, add 1 ½ tablespoons of borax followed by 100 grams sugar and stir using the spoon or stick. Add 1 ½ cups of warm water to the borax-sugar mixture and stir more to make a borax sugar solution.

How to Use the Borax Ant Killer

Ants love sugar, so when mixed with borax, it becomes a potent ant bait.Borax ant killer contains sugar as an attractive bait because of its sweet nature, but the real ant killer is borax. Sugar can also be substituted with peanut butter or honey.

So how do use borax ant killer on the inside? For powdered Borax, sprinkle the powder on the colony pathway. In this case, powdered Borax contains a mixture of Borax and sugar in the ratio 1:3. Alternatively, you could sprinkle the borax mixture at the ant’s entry point into your house such as the ledges of the windows or across the doorways.

The ants will not ingest the powder but will pick it up and carry it over to the nest, whereby the powder containing the borax will kill the ant larva. It is also important to sprinkle the Borax powder on windows or doors where the ants may find entry into your house. Doing so serves to prevent ants from outside the home coming in. Ants on the inside will also lack a place to move out. As such, the ants in will be eliminated by the Borax within no time.

On the outside, ants usually leave an ant trail. Sprinkle the Borax sugar mixture on the ant trail. This will make the colony pick the powder on their way back to the nest transferring the poisonous Borax to the larva that will lead to their death.

When using a liquid mixture on ant trails that are located on a vertical surface, drop a giant ball of Borax syrup on top of the colony pathway. Doing this allows the borax drop to flow directly to the ant trail, thereby picking them and causing death later.

On a horizontal surface or ground, you could administer both solid and liquid mixture of Borax. This increases the chances of the ants getting into contact with their bait. For example, the adult ants feed on solid food; therefore, the solid bait would be a perfect fit for them.

Type of Ants Borax will Work or Not Work Against

According to the US Cotton Batting Institute, borax can kill a wide range of insects such as the fleas, spiders, and mites. For effectiveness, borax should be used in small concentrations to avoid damaging your plants or garden. Here are ant types Borax can work against;

Regular Ants

Regular ants are no match against boric acid. Not only will just dry powder work on them, but the mixture will as well. In fact, the mixture happens to work extremely well for them.

Fire Ants

Borax is effective with fire ants in low levels. However, it is used in its acidic form as boric acid. In the past, experiments have proved that using boric acid used in large concentrations is not useful in killing red fire ants. The Department of Agriculture (US) recommends using only 1% of boric acid as this will allow survival of the ant longest time possible to feed the borax chemical to the rest of the colony.

Carpenter Ants

Borax has not had much success with carpenter ants. This is because carpenter ants appear to be smarter and more resilient as compared to other ants. They are also nocturnal insects, which may make it hard finding them. More so, they may just not carry the bait trap back to the nest like the fire ants.

How Long Does Borax take to Kill Ants?

This solution will not kill ants immediately. However, this is the desired result. Thus it is used on purpose to allow the ants to survive long enough to carry the bait back to their nests. THe honest answer to how long does borax take to kill ants is up to six weeks. That’s for the entire population. For a single ant that has been affected by borax, it usually takes a couple of days.

How Long Does it Last?

The Borax-sugar solution can last as long as possible when stored in cool, dry place. It should be placed in a tightly sealed container due to its toxic nature. If refrigerated, it can stay for as long as 60 months without going bad.

While Borax may be limited in the number of ants it can kill, it is a handy home remedy for killing ants. One positive side of it is that it is safe to use in low concentrations as compared to other harmful pesticide products in the market.

To prepare a borax solution that is effective, ensure you understand what ingredients are necessary for the recipe and preparation of the borax solution. Typically, boron and sugar are usually used in the ratio 1 to 3. The Borax solution can be used to kill ants both on the inside and outside of your home. Ensure you know where the ant trails are in your homestead or house so that you administer the chemical efficiently. Besides, get to see the entry points and apply the compound in the given areas.

Borax works more effectively against regular and fire ants than carpenter ants. Follow these instructions on how to kill ants with borax and wait about four to six weeks for them to disappear completely. A little patience is n order, but it works well. Make sure to store in a cool, dry place to ensure its continued use and effectiveness.