How to Repel Ladybugs and Keep Them Away

Wondering how to repel ladybgs and get rid of them naturally? Follow the instructions here.Just like any other pest, ladybugs can be a nuisance, so it’s important to know how to repel ladybugs. While beneficial, to homeowners where they climate gets colder, they can become unwanted pests; when they enter the house to find a comfortable place to dwell for the winter. Countries that experience seasonal changes in the Northern hemisphere affect behavioral changes in ladybugs. For instance, ladybugs will seek hibernation in houses during winter. However, when summer sets in, the ladybugs come out of hibernation. The best way of repelling ladybugs is by the use of pesticides. Nevertheless, there are also other means of resisting ladybugs naturally.

Seal windows, doors and openings

Ladybugs have a tendency to invade homes during late fall; right before winter. During this time, it is crucial for you to take precautions early by sealing your windows, doors and any other openings in the home.

When sealing, use insulation materials; instructions can be obtained from the manual attached to the particular insulation material. An exterior caulk, foam sealant and rubber gaskets work perfectly well in sealing cracks and gaps in the house.

Typically, a pesticide will help in addition to sealing the openings. A pesticide applicator is used for applying the pesticide to the windows, doors and any other openings. Spray or apply the insecticide on the inside and outside when the ladybugs are visible or have caused an infestation. The application should also be applied on doorways, ventilation, and overhangs of the house. Apply the pesticide to outlying walls of the house.

The simple combinatino of closing entry points and applying a pesticide barrier around potential openings is the best way to repel ladybugs and keep them away.

Plant Mums

Mums are natural ladybugs repellant. This is because ladybugs do not like mums. To control and repel them as they come, plant the mums early enough around the windows and the area around the front door to your house.


The scent of cloves is also a no-go zone to ladybug beetles. You can place cloves at the openings or entrance to your house. The smell of the clove will prevent the ladybug beetles from crawling into your home. Bunches of cloves can be placed where they converge the most. This will help in sending them away.


Numerous studies have been carried out in the past to find out the efficacy of essential oils from citronella as a suitable repellant against arthropods. The essential oils from citrus, wild orange fruit diluted in water can be used in the formation of a citrus spray. The citrus spray clears the ladybugs from your home. The solution can also be used in their area of infestation.

Bay leaves

The scent from bay leaves also helps in chasing the ladybug beetles real quick. Place a bag of bay leaves in the area the ladybugs are most commonly seen. Within no time, the ladybug beetles will leave your home.

Camphor and menthol

Experiments in the past have given credence to camphor and menthol as the only monoterpenoids tested to be the most effective in getting rid of ladybugs. Camphor and menthol are mixed together in a sprayer with little water added. The solution has a strong odor which when sprayed in cracks infested with ladybugs will send the bugs away.

Dark colored drapes/curtains

Hanging dark colored drapes or curtains have also proven to be an effective method of repelling ladybugs. Ladybugs like and are attracted by bright colors. However, hanging dark colored drapes tend to reduce the number of ladybugs that enter the house.

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs Naturally

Keeping them away is nice, but what about getting rid of ladybugs? How about doing so with more natural solutions? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered there as well.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural pesticide. It works to get rid of  ladybugs by dehydrating the ladybug. Contact with the fine powder destroys their exoskeleton and leads to dead. It works best when the food grade type of the pesticide is sprinkled on to the area infested by ladybugs. Pests that need a lot of water get dehydrated in the shortest time possible.

Bug sprays made with natural ingredients

They are the best since they are less toxic and safe to use as compared to the synthetic bug sprays such as DEET. Natural bug sprays have been found to be effective in repelling and driving away the bugs. They vary according to the content of the recipe used to prepare them.

Some of the popular and useful brands of bug sprays include

  1. Eco Defense
  2. Insect Armor for Children
  3. Repel
  4. All Terrain Herbal Armor

Boric acid

Boric acid powder works by causing the ladybugs to run away when sprinkled around the infested areas.


Borax is a cleaning chemical used in most homes as a cleaning detergent. However, it kills ladybugs when they get into contact with it. Place the compound at entry points or openings where the ladybugs may find a way to the house.

Neem oil

Neem oil has multiple effects on plants including acting as an insect growth regulator, repellant or anti-feedant. With ladybugs, Neem oil acts as an insect growth regulator when it is exposed to their larva by making them unable to grow into maturity.


The vacuum is a quick way to get rid of ladybugs as you spot them.You can also control ladybugs in your house by sweeping or vacuuming them up. With the vacuum method, just use the vacuum cleaner to suck the ladybug beetles and throw them further away into the forest or bush. The ladybugs can also be swept away out of the house into the bush.

For a long time, ladybugs have been considered as eco-friendly, and beneficial to gardens. This is because they are predators that prey on other harmful insects such as aphids. However, in the recent past, ladybugs have begun losing their former glory by being more of a nuisance to humanity than beneficial insects. It is against this background that man has decided to come up with natural ways to repel and get rid of them.

Luckily, they’re several plant species that can be used to control ladybugs such as the plant mums, bay leaves, and citronella. You can also get rid of the ladybugs by using natural products such as favorite bug sprays in the market such as All Terrain Herbal Armor. Homemade cleaners such as borax, boric acid powder among others. Repelling and killing ladybugs using natural means and products is environmentally sustainable, efficient and safe to human health. Now that you know how to repel ladybugs and get rid of them using natural means, don’t wait too long and give them the chance to enter. Take care of it before it gets too cold and they start coming in.